Image Galleries

All of the image galleries on this site have been created using the ImageSnippets WordPress plugin. 

What does this mean? 

So — when I link images through the ImageSnippets system, then I can add ALL kinds of metadata to the images (this is just data about the image: who, what, where, when, how, etc?)

ImageSnippets takes advantage of all kinds of data in the image already and also allows me to describe the images using a system that replaces keywords or tags with something called: triple-tags. 

The triple tags allow us to use something called linked data in our descriptions. 

Linked Data is a way of structuring the image descriptions so the definitions are less ambiguous for machines searching for this kind of data and also it makes the data easily re-usable by machines.

What this means is that there is less likelihood that your images will be disconnected from their original provenance and content and that search engines that look for structured data will have a much easier time finding it using descriptions made in ImageSnippets. 

To see an example of how this works – click on the link:

 Fibonacci Bird

This is one of my pieces of art and if you click on the image to flip it – you will see common metadata: Title, Subject, Description, Copyright, etc. you can then click on the link that says ‘See the triples’. This is a visual representation of what kind of information a machine that looks for structured data will see. All of the data for this image is managed in the ImageSnippets system. What are some of the other benefits? Suppose I share this image all over the place – not just here, but on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere and then I realize I have spelled something wrong, or maybe I needed to mark it sold, or maybe I wanted to add places it has been published. I can change the data in ImageSnippets and all of the links back to the image now have the most current data. This method of managing the data that goes with web distributed images can be immensely useful.