GK Restorations

GK Restorations has over 30 years of experience restoring antique collectible vintage Porsches, specializing in Porsche 356’s made between 1949 (Gmund’s) and 1950 – 1965. We also work with early 911, 912, 914, 550, and 904 models. Our expert mechanics are knowledgeable about 4-cam (Carrera) engines, fuel-injection modifications, and later model Porsches. We can assist customers with many different restoration needs. From restoring a historically significant race car to preparing your daily driver for you to take home and finish restoring as a DIY project, we can serve you.

Located in Crawfordville, FL, just south of Tallahassee. Please contact us for inquiries or if you are interested in touring our facilities.



Office hours: Monday-Thursday, 8am-4pm