About Margaret

Margaret Warren

Margaret Warren

Margaret’s professional career began with a 4 year term of active duty with US Coast Guard where she was trained in cryptographic electronics and discovered an interest in both computer hardware and software development. Throughout the late 80’s and early 90’s she worked as a programmer as well as network and systems administration with early multimedia technology companies.

Also an artist, much of her career has involved the intersection of fine art, images, computers and the production of various types of media. She worked in the areas of sound reinforcement and audio recording during the 90’s. In 1992 she formed CARMA Productions, a company which provided IT and multimedia support services for small and mid-size organizations along the Gulf Coast until 2009.

By 2006, Margaret’s business had become more occupied with the administration, management and IT support of GK Restorations in Crawfordville, Florida. GK Restorations provides award-winning Concours restoration services of vintage Porsche 356’s and early 911’s. Her role with the company expanded when the founder unexpectedly passed away in 2009 and she is currently the General Manager and Vice President of the company.

Margaret’s interest in knowledge representation, particularly as it relates to image description and curation led to a working relationship with Pat Hayes, a noted cognitive scientist in Pensacola, Florida. In 2004 they began researching the use of formal machine languages for the annotation of images in the form of structured data. In 2010 they presented their work on a lightweight ontology for the description of images at a AAAI Symposium at Stanford University. This work has since led to the development of ImageSnippets, a metadata management system which uses linked data for image annotation, management and online publication.

Margaret studied Computer Science, Business and Information Technology at: Florida State University and the University of West Florida. She earned a Bachelors degree in Information Technology from the University of West Florida.