Creating and Using Image Graphs

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This talk was part of the DBpedia sponsored Knowledge Graphs in Action event as part of the Autumn Semantics Conference – you can view the talk here: . Most of the talk was also a demo, I will try to make a video recording to accompany the slides soon.

A description of the ImageSnippets system

ImageSnippets is a multi-faceted system for creating, publishing and managing images described with structured, linked-data.Here are two videos illustrating some of the utility of using linked data descriptions with images: 


Here is a blog post that discusses how ImageSnippets uses DBedia:

I’m also pleased that – at long last – all of the galleries I am currently creating on this site (  are being generated from SPARQL queries pulling triples which have have been used to tag images in ImageSnippets. More posts on this should be forthcoming as I get around to writing them. 

The paper: ‘Bounding Ambiguity: Experiences with an Image Annotation System was presented at the the Human Computation Conference (HCOMP2018) in Zurich June, 2018 .  

You can read the paper here: BoundingAmbiguity_warren_hayes.  In it, we discuss at some length, many of the theories and experiences we have had/been working with over the years in developing ImageSnippets. 

Here are the slides from the lightning talk: 



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