My Semantic/AI challenge for the world

In my interview with Teodora Petkova published in January of this year (
I wrote a section about my semantic challenge to the Semantic/AI world. You can read about it more in depth in the interview. But basically, my challenge is this:

Can we can search for and find a list of all movies, stories and/or books in which a plot device (either the main plot point or a smaller plot device used to move the narrative along) involves a tethered telephone of some sort (tethered meaning that it has an actual LINE attached to it and can’t be moved far – as in NOT wirelessly). The concept is a question to all researchers in these fields: Can we get the kind of meaning out of our recorded media formalized in such a way that this question can be discoverable before tethered phones have been completely forgotten out of our collective memory? The plot device could be: that someone could either not answer a ringing phone, or could not find a working phone to make a call, or could not find currency to put in the phone to make it work or when they got there, the device went dead or the line was cut, OR it could be that the plot was moved along BECAUSE they WERE able to complete a call (like they found a phone booth in time and connected with someone just before they were about to leave their house) – but had the phone not been working they could not have made the call. The important part of this challenge is that it has to somehow involve a phone that has a tethered land line and the other important part of this challenge is to see if this query can be made BEFORE many humans largely no longer recall or have access to or have experienced the angst (or lack of angst) or issues arising before wireless hand-held telephones were largely in the hands of almost anyone, esp babies and young children who are now considered to be born digital natives and who have always known and understood wireless communications/cell phones.

Meanwhile, here is a WORKING telephone booth on a trail in a Redwood Forest near the Chabot Space and Science center above Oakland, California.

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