Thank you for visiting my personal site – which generally receives the least amount of attention in my life.

You can also find me on Google+, FB, LinkedIn, Twitter and Flickr – usually associated with the handle: zeroexp or @ImageSnippets

Zeroexp refers to a personal philosophy I maintain which suggests that in this life, it is good for one to have High Goals, but Zero Expectations.

I am an artist, technologist and entrepreneur — in no particular order – it’s a bit like going in and out of sliding doors changing hats all day long.

I am the owner of: Metadata Authoring Systems, LLC a company which has developed:
ImageSnippets(tm) a Metadata Management System.

ImageSnippets allows mostly untrained users to apply 5-star linked data (also known as machine-readable structured data) descriptions to images which they can then share and publish online with persistent, transportable and re-usable machine readable metadata. I believe in the curation and archiving of strong [image] content on the web that can be more easily found, read, shared and enjoyed on a (semantic) web for many years to come.

Additionally, I am a studio artist with First City Art Center in Pensacola, Florida and from time to time, I work with a few early Porsche automobiles and their parts in association with GK Restorations of Crawfordville, Florida.